10 Female Lawyers You Need To Follow on Twitter

February 13, 2019 | D Cody

Lawyers to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a powerful tool for aspiring law professionals to build a reputation, as well as network with others. Whilst the social media platform can be erratic, it remains a useful means of building a circle of people in your industry, to share experiences and learn.

In the law sector, there are many women who are using Twitter to do this – sharing their experiences with their following and building a strong online reputation as a result.

Here are just some of the inspirational female law professionals worth following on Twitter.

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Rachel Farr


Rachel Farr

London employment lawyer Rachel Farr has been sharing her experiences in employment law on Twitter since 2011. Since then, she’s been keeping her following up to date with the latest news in her field, from economic updates to decisions on major cases.

Rachel is currently an employment lawyer at Taylor Wessing LLP, an international law firm.

Dana Denis-Smith


Dana Denis.Smith

Dana Denis Smith is the founder of First 100 years, a national campaign which celebrates women working in the law sector across the country. The organisation’s overall aim is to help girls and women have equal access to opportunities in the legal profession.

Since 2012, Dana has been sharing her experiences of working in law, and built up a solid online reputation as a result. In addition, she has contributed her writing to the Financial Times, spoken at Ted, and is preparing to speak at this year's Women in Law Summit!


Joelle Emerson


Joelle Emerson

Joelle is a former women’s rights lawyer, who is now founder and CEO of Paradigm, an organisation dedicated to improving diversity and inclusivity within some of the most innovative companies in the United States.

Joelle regularly shares important updates about D&I in the legal profession with her 7,000-strong Twitter following.

Angelica Jongco


Angelica Jonco

Angelica is a civil rights and community lawyer working with Public Advocates, a nonprofit law firm and advocacy organisation which aims to fight poverty and racial discrimination.

Throughout her career, Angelica has also focussed on equity in education, and issues around school finances in Oakland, California.

Nis Arend


Nis Arend-1

Nis Arend is CEO of The Corporate Confidante, where she helps women around the world achieve their career goals, and improve their working lifestyle.

Her events, workshops and retreats help driven professionals master mindset, elevate performance and solve problems creatively without fluff.

Nis is involved in this year’s Women in Law Summit, where she will be presenting a session titled Top 1% secrets of time management, teaching our attendees the golden nuggets that have helped the top 1% at the top of their game.

Lauren Chiren


Lauren Chiren-1

Lauren Chiren left her lucrative career as a six-figure earner in financial services, believing she had early-onset dementia, only to find out, she had simply been through menopause.

She is now a qualified, no-nonsense health coach and menopause expert who uses her psychology, nutrition, treatment and training experience to work with your mindset and transform old ingrained behaviours into healthy ones. Lauren is also speaking at this year’s Women in Law Summit!

Sabrina Mahtani


Sabrina.jpg Mahtani

Sabrina Mahtani is a human right lawyer from Zambia, who now works as a policy advisor in London, and access to justice at The Elders, an organisation of global leaders who work to achieve peace and international human rights.

Sabrina regularly updates her following with important information about human rights and justice missions around the world.

Philippa Greer


Philippa Greer

Philipa Greer’s Twitter is a must-follow for anyone interested in the ins and outs of the legal profession in the United States and keeping up to date with some of the most interesting cases.

Philip is an attorney at the United Nations, where she currently works on the Khmer Rouge Trials case. She has also contributed her writing to the Huffington Post and Harvard Law School.

Caroline Flanagan


Caroline Flanagan-1

Caroline Flanagan is a coach, speaker and founder of Babyproof Your Life – a coaching service for lawyers eager to progress their career and grow a family at the same time. She also regularly posts on social media about the latest happenings in the UK law sector – check out some the inspirational quotes she re-posts!

Caroline is bringing her unique career experiences to the Women in Law Summit, where she will be presenting a session titled ‘How To Babyproof Your Career’.

Sylvia Cohen


Sylvia Cohen

Sylvia Cohen is the U.K.’s most trusted voice and body language specialist. She keeps her Twitter following updated with the latest on presentation skills, and dealing with high-pressure situations professionally and in everyday life.

Sylvia will be presenting a session titled ‘How to Use Your Body Language and Voice to Create Influence and Visibility’ at this year’s Women in Law Summit in London. To request a brochure for the event, click here.